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Transportation & Logistics

Truck Arrow 276k Tennesseans are employed in transportation and logistics
Raising Hands 17k open jobs in transportation and logistics in TN

What are transportation and logistics jobs?

Transportation and logistics offers a range of career paths, from repairing or maintaining vehicles, trains, planes, and ships that move people and products, to working behind the scenes to make sure products and people get to the right place on time. Transportation and logistics play a key part in many industries, like advanced manufacturing and retail.

What kind of skills do I need?

Some transportation and logistics jobs focus on technical skills like automotive repair, while others are more business oriented. Most jobs require some level of:

  • Attention to detail- Making sure the details are right is vital to ensuring on-time delivery and project management.
  • Persistence and follow-through- Finishing tasks and doing things when they need to be done keeps projects and timelines on target.
  • Adaptability and flexibility- Plans can change quickly, so you'll need to stay flexible.
  • Logical and creative problem solving- New issues can come as a surprise, so it's key to have a good problem-solving ability.

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