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Also Known as: Laboratory Phlebotomist, Phlebotomist and Vitals Technologist, Medical Screener and Phlebotomist

In-Demand Job

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Salaries may vary per region

Draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations, or research. May explain the procedure to patients and assist in the recovery of patients with adverse reactions.

Top Skills for this Job

  • Active Listening
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Service Orientation
  • Speaking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing

Top Tasks for this Job

  • Collect fluid or tissue samples, using appropriate collection procedures.
  • Dispose of blood or other biohazard fluids or tissue, in accordance with applicable laws, standards, or policies.
  • Dispose of contaminated sharps, in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and policies.
  • Document route of specimens from collection to laboratory analysis and diagnosis.
  • Draw blood from capillaries by dermal puncture, such as heel or finger stick methods.
  • Draw blood from veins by vacuum tube, syringe, or butterfly venipuncture methods.
  • Explain fluid or tissue collection procedures to patients.
  • Match laboratory requisition forms to specimen tubes.
  • Organize or clean blood-drawing trays, ensuring that all instruments are sterile and all needles, syringes, or related items are of first-time use.
  • Collect specimens at specific time intervals for tests, such as those assessing therapeutic drug levels.
  • Conduct standards tests, such as blood alcohol, blood culture, oral glucose tolerance, glucose screening, blood smears, or peak and trough drug levels tests.
  • Enter patient, specimen, insurance, or billing information into computer.
  • Process blood or other fluid samples for further analysis by other medical professionals.
  • Provide sample analysis results to physicians to assist diagnosis.
  • Train other medical personnel in phlebotomy or laboratory techniques.
  • Transport specimens or fluid samples from collection sites to laboratories.

Top Education for this Job

  • Customer and Personal Service
  • English Language
  • Clerical
  • Education and Training
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Medicine and Dentistry

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