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Finance & Accounting

Coin Hands 25% more finance jobs will exist by 2020
Three Torsos 6% of the total working US population is working in finance, real estate, and insurance

Working in today's financial and accounting field means having a rewarding career that lets you help others. Whether you’re a loan officer helping people purchase a home or start a small business, or an accountant helping people with their finances, there are many great careers to choose from.

Is finance or accounting right for me?

If you’re good with numbers, calculations, and spreadsheets this could be the career for you. For some jobs, like financial managers or insurance sales agents, you’ll need top notch customer service skills. Other jobs such as bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing require excellent record-keeping and attention to detail.

What kind of skills do I need?

While there are many great careers in finance and accounting, many of the jobs require skills such as:

  • Understanding calculations and spreadsheets
  • Ability to work with numbers
  • Strong attention to detail

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