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Advanced Manufacturing

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Present Chart 40% 40% more Tennesseans work in Advanced Manufacturing than the national average

Today’s manufacturing companies invest in their people, technology, infrastructure, and communities as they build their businesses. They are focused on improving processes to eliminate waste by using clean and green strategies. Many use lean manufacturing processes to achieve lower levels of waste, water, or energy usage. Learn more about this fascinating field.

  • Automotive manufacturing—You can be a part of Tennessee’s thriving automotive industry. If you like the idea of helping make the latest cars, keep exploring to find jobs and companies that are a great fit for you.
  • Work with the latest technology—Combine your love of cars with your love of technology and advance your skills in both areas to be in the running for the best jobs.

What kind of skills do I need?

Today’s advanced manufacturing jobs are an exciting mix of technology and mechanics. Important skills include:

  • Mechanics and technology—There is a lot of high-tech machinery in this industry, and it’s helpful to understand how machines work and are repaired and maintained
  • Hand-eye coordination—if you’re the kind of person who likes to work with their hands, this may be a great industry for you
  • Teamwork- Many jobs in this industry require that you work in teams, so having a team player attitude is helpful

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