Data Sources

Information Gathering at its Best

The information on this site represents a vast array of information gathering from a number of sources.

Occupations & Descriptions

The Tennessee Work Learn Earn site aims to highlight entry and middle skills jobs in the state's thriving industries. The TN Department of Labor, Jobs for TN, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics were consulted when making decisions about what industries and what jobs to profile. Occupation description data comes from Onet Online.

Employer Information

The top 5 employers in each featured industry in each Economic & Community Development region are profiled. The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce was consulted in the robust employer identification process. Employer information was gathered from respective employer websites.

Educator Information

Colleges and universities across the state make up the featured education providers on the site. The National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, and the Tennesee Board of Regents were instrumental in determining what schools and data to feature.

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